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Paint it like Pollock

Ted's painting like Jackson Pollock

Ted’s painting like Jackson Pollock

These paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock were made by Ted a few weeks ago just after he announced those three little words that most parents don’t want to hear, and no, it wasn’t “I┬áhate you”, it was “I can’t paint.” I was about to say, “Really, seriously, who gave you that idea? Of course you can.” – but the look on his face said don’t challenge me, I know I can’t. Obviously for a fleeting moment I worried that perhaps we were making too much at home, was it possible to be too creative? Continue reading

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Mini brick sculptures

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Ted’s brick sculptures

Ted made these mini brick sculptures all by himself this weekend and I am so excited to post them here to share them with you. He was very clear about what he wanted to make and how he would make them and came up with the idea all on his own. He enlisted me to help search round our garden for broken pieces of red brick, and we collected a fair amount Continue reading

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Gifts for teachers

Butterfly clothes peg paper clip

Butterfly clothes peg paper clip

I can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays are flying by, and that in just a week Ted will be starting school. While I was looking through some photos I found these of some gifts that Ted made at the end of the summer term for his pre school teachers. Continue reading


Butterfly garden cane topper – bird scarer

Butterfly garden cane topper - bird scarer

Butterfly garden cane topper – bird scarer

We have been so excited to grow our own strawberries this year, but it has been a bit of a race to get there before the slugs do. When the birds also started eating them and getting to the strawberries before we did, Ted and I thought enough was enough and decided to take action. Continue reading