Pebble and scribble

Creative and fun craft ideas for children



I have always loved making things, right from as early back as I can remember. Now as mum to Ted, our four and a half year old son, I love to make things with him and we have great fun together getting messy and creative.  This is our blog, our journey together of making and experimenting where we capture things that we have made, sharing these ideas, which we hope you will find interesting and inspiring.

The name of our blog, Pebble and Scribble, where did this come from? Well, pebble – we love being outdoors, exploring, experimenting and having fun and the word pebble kind of sums this up for us. If it isn’t raining, and sometimes even if it is, we are often outside. And as for scribble, well this is about drawing, painting, making things, having a go and expressing ourselves through making and having fun. For me, scribble also sums up being relaxed and carefree about what we make.

Most of what we make is really simple to make, and I try to use free or inexpensive materials, ones that are easy to get hold of. We hope that you like what we have made. Some of the ideas for these activities are mine, and some are Ted’s, others are inspired by activities other people have done, or books we have read, places we have been or things we have seen. If the ideas are inspired by other peoples, I always acknowledge the source of our inspiration.

We are enjoying our journey and hope that you enjoy sharing this with us too.






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