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Fingerprint Christmas tree card

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IMG_3914Here is Ted’s Christmas tree card, which he made a few weeks ago. He wanted to make one with fingerprints, like he had recently in school, and also cotton buds, which he dipped into paint. He had great fun with fingerprints, then while it was drying scoured our craft supplies for suitable decorations. He was very clear about needing different shades of green and enjoyed experimenting with mixing green with yellow, white and blue.





  • Card
  • Paint – green, blue, white and yellow
  • Cotton buds

To make your own

  1. Ted folded a card in half and drew a faint outline of a triangle on the card
  2. Dip fingers or cotton buds into green paint and fill triangle with green spots
  3. When dry, decorate – Ted used coloured dots and fine ribbon tinsel.

Finger painting


Adding tinsel and decorations



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