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Fimo Christmas Decorations

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IMG_4085 (1)

Fimo heart decoration

Each year we make some new decorations to add to our tree, here are our Fimo hearts and stars that we made this year.





  • Fimo
  • Cookie or PlayDough cutters
  • Ribbon
  • Rolling pin
  • Two pencils

To make your own

  1. Roll out your Fimo on a flat surface – we placed a pencil either side of the Fimo and rolled the rolling pin on the Fimo so that it was the same thickness throughout.
  2. Cut our shapes with cutters
  3. Use a pencil to put hole in top of shape
  4. Heat in oven on baking tray following Fimo instructions
  5. When cool thread ribbon through hole

Rolling fimo


Cut out shapes


Add hole using pencil


Fimo star decoration


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