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Christmas clothes peg bookmark

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IMG_4111Today, Ted has been in the mood to make all things Christmas – pretty much all day, so there are going to be a host of Christmas posts coming up soon. He has wanted to make some secret presents for his Dad, and this is one of the first – we made these Christmas clothes peg book marks together as they are pretty tricky for little fingers. Ted is trying to keep them a surprise until the big day itself.

Here is how to make your own





  • Wooden clothes peg
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Double sided foam tape
  • Christmas paper

To make your own

  1. Cut a strip of Christmas paper the same size as a clothes peg
  2. Place strip of cut Christmas paper onto a strip of double sided foam tape and trip tape to same size as paper
  3. Stick tape onto side of wooden clothes peg
  4. You now have a Christmas clothes peg that you can use for your own peg advent calendar, as a gift, a book mark or large paper clip

Wooden clothes peg with paper strip cut to size


Sticking paper onto clothes peg


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