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Snowflake mini chest of drawers

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IMG_4117We decided to decorate this tiny chest of drawers with snowflakes cut out from a Christmas napkin. Our great friend Christine had given Ted this box, which she had painted for him to decorate. It now looks festive with snowflakes sparkling over it.

We hadn’t ever done decoupage together, but had recently watched a video and this seemed the perfect opportunity to have a go.






  • Small wooden chest of drawers or box
  • White paint
  • Napkin
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush
  • Cling flim

To make your own

  1. Our chest of drawers had already been painted by our friend Christine
  2. Cut out shapes from a paper napkin, and take off the top layer with the image on it
  3. Place cut out napkin, image side down onto cling film
  4. Paste the napkin shape with PVA glue
  5. Pick up the cling film with napkin glued onto it and place napkin glue side down onto the chest of drawers.
  6. Smooth over the cling film to remove any creases or bubbles, rubbing from the middle to the outside of your decoration
  7. Continue until you have got enough decoration over your chest of drawers
  8. Allow to dry before giving a coat of PVA all over and then dry before using




Smooth out creases


Carefully remove clingfilm

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