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Pebble spiral sculpture

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Pebble spiral

Pebble spiral

I love pebbles, everything about them, the different colours, sizes, shapes, textures – they don’t just look great, they feel wonderful too. On holiday in Pembrokeshire, once we had started collecting pebbles of different sizes to make our pebble sculpture towers, we couldn’t stop. We collected more and decided to make a large pebble spiral in the sand. Ted decided to wash them, as he was fascinated by how the colours got deeper when wet and sorted them by size too. I love the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy, and this is again inspired by his wonderful work. 

We created spirals, with the smallest pebbles in the middle, with pebbles getting larger towards the outside of the spiral. You can see from the photo above that it was getting late in the afternoon by the time we had finished, as we had got so engrossed we totally lost track of the time. It was great fun making this with Ted, looking closely at which pebble was the next largest to add to the spiral, and looking with him how it looked different when he looked at it from above or down on the sand.


Pebble spiral

Pebble spiral 

Pebble spiral

Pebble spiral


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