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Dinosaur peg routine chart

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Dino peg chore chart

Dino peg chore chart

With the Summer holidays having started, I realised I needed to introduce something to help us maintain some semblance of routine to help us keep an even keel over the weeks of holiday to come. With all the fun and variety that come with summer holidays, it is all too easy to let routine and order fly out of the window, so, to the rescue Dinosaur peg chore chart. It currently only focuses on the morning route, which I find with us, if we get the morning right, the rest of the day is more likely to go smoothly.Ted is still really into dinosaurs, so we chose a dinosaur for this chore chart. He likes being able to move the pegs from the to do side to the done side, a good sense of achievement I think. I like the fact that it clearly gives Ted some responsibilities and that he can do the chart himself – and that it is not a reward chart, just a reminder of what needs doing and what has been done.



  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Wooden clothes pegs
  • Laminator – not essential

To make your own

  1. I drew a simple outline of a dinosaur, with its head curving round enough to go over a door handle and wrote Ted’s name and to do and done over its neck and tummy.
  2. Cut out dinosaur
  3. I am hoping to get a lot of use out of this chart, so laminated it but this isn’t essential, and then cut it out again.
  4. Write chores on both sides of wooden clothes pegs so that they make sense when on the to do or done side.
Dinosaur chore chart

Dinosaur chore chart

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