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Owl Birthday Cake

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Owl cake

Owl cake

Ted asked for an owl cake for his fifth birthday party, and here it is, or rather here they are. I use an egg free recipe, in the past sometimes it hasn’t risen really well so I made two this time, intending to sandwich one on top of the other. However, both rose really well so rather than waste one, decided to make two so there is big owl and little owl. I don’t have photos of the steps to make it, because on the morning of Ted’s party I was in a real rush to get them finished, and also extremely sticky.




Decoration ingredients

  • Big chocolate owl
  • Chocolate ready roll icing
  • White ready roll icing
  • Yellow ready roll icing
  • large chocolate and white chocolate buttons
  • Chocolate icing spread

To make your own

  1. Ice sides of cake and top of cake with chocolate icing spread
  2. Roll chocolate icing, cut out circle using base of cake tin used to make cake
  3. Cut small inverted V shape out of bottom to create wings either side
  4. Put on top of cake
  5. For feathery tummy, layer chocolate buttons on top of each other, starting at bottom of cake working upwards
  6. For eyes – roll out white icing and using large pastry cutters cut out two eyes and put onto cake
  7. Using small pastry cutter, cut out two yellow eyes and put onto cake
  8. For pupils, place on chocolate buttons
  9. Cut out trainagle of yellow for beak
  10. Cut out two circles suing pastry cutter for feet, cut a slice off the top and then do two cuts in for toes.


White owl

White owl


To make the small white owl, I used the rest white icing rolled and placed all over the cake. The eyes were cut out in the same way, feathers added for buttons and then a pair of wings were cut out and stuck onto the cake.

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