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Paper plate dinosaur glider

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Paper plate dinosaur glider

Paper plate dinosaur glider

We made these paper plate gliders back in half term, when we were on holiday – they were something that we could make easily with very few materials.Ted absolutely loves polystyrene gliders, but after flying them around our house they often don’t last very long an suffer a broken wing or tail so we started making our own out of paper plates and I have to admit, some fly better than others, it is all a little trial and error.







  • Paper plate
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Felt tipped pens

To make your own

  1. On the back of a paper plate, sketch out the body of your dinosaur or plane across the centre of the plate.
  2. Next, sketch the wings and tail above and below the body
  3. Cut out the body, wings and tail and colour in both sides
  4. Cut a slit length ways down the centre of the body and thread the wings through
  5. Ready to fly
Glider parts cut out

Glider parts cut out

Dinosaur glider ready to fly

Dinosaur glider ready to fly 

Dinosaur glider cut out

Dinosaur glider cut out 

Glider ready to be decorated

Glider ready to be decorated

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