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Christmas clothes peg craft ideas

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Super cute reindeer from

I have always loved making Christmas decorations, from as early as I can remember. My parents still have some of my first Christmas decorations that I made at school,  which they lovingly put onto their tree each year. We enjoy making things with clothes pegs, and Ted has asked to make a clothes peg snow man for our Christmas tree. I found lots of totally inspiring Christmas clothes peg crafts, and here is a round up of our favourites. There is something for everyone, we hope you find something that inspires you if you fancy making something in the run up to Christmas.





A group of friendly snowmen Christmas tree ornaments by

A glittery clothespeg star from made with reshaped clothespegs.

A Christmas skier, complete with skies and ready to take to the slopes from

Clothes peg snowflake by

Wonderful Christmas solders by

A row of reindeer by

A Christmas tree complete with next by

A group of angels all ready for the Christmas tree by

Two friendly reindeer by


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