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Home made advent calender

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Home made advent calender

Home made advent calender

Here is my home-made advent calender for Ted, which I have been secretly making for him over the past week. I can’t wait to show it to him, and have put it up along our stairs ready for him to find when he returns home from school. I really wanted Ted to have an advent calender made especially for him, and for each day to provide something fun to do or make as we count the days in Advent towards Christmas. For each day there is something different pegged onto the ribbon, in envelopes, or rolls or folds of paper. On some of the days, there is the title of a Christmas book to read together, the start of a treasure hunt round the house, a riddle, the idea for something to make together, a tiny gift, clues to where to find a home made decoration for our tree or fun craft materials to make something for Christmas. I hope that it will add a little extra sparkle into our count down to Christmas.

You could make this for a child, or make one with a child as a gift for someone else.



  • 25 mini wooden clothes pegs
  • Coloured ribbon or string
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cello-tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Small fun craft materials – for example, in one I put cotton wool to start to make a snow man, in another glitter to make something sparkly,

How to make your own

  1. On a sheet of paper, write down 25 messages or fun things to do and then cut them out
  2. Cut out 25 small pieces of Christmas wrapping paper – approx about 4 x 10 cm
  3. Roll or fold the paper or make your own envelopes (see photos below)
  4. Include a message into each
  5. If you want to include small craft materials or a tiny gift into some, wrap them up like presents, pop them into an envelope or fold the paper into an envelope
  6. Number each of your pegged items from 1 – 25
  7. Peg onto the ribbon.
Fold paper over, leaving a small piece at top for flap

Fold paper over, leaving a small piece at top for flap

Fold over 5mm for each side and glue

Fold over 5mm for each side and glue

Pop in your message or mini gift

Pop in your message or mini gift

Number your envelope

Number your envelope

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