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Christmas wreath craft ideas

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Clothes peg Christmas card wreath from http://www.craftinessisnot

In our house we have already started to get excited about Christmas and it got me into thinking about Christmas decorations and all things festive to make with Ted. I love to have a Christmas wreath on the door, and am so inspired to make our own after seeing these wonderful ones on the web. There are so many different ways of making a Christmas wreath that will get children excited and in the mood for Christmas, from using finger and hand prints, to wrapping wool, threading buttons, cutting and sticking paper or using pasta or clothes pegs. Here are some of our favourites – hope you are as inspired as we are.


What a colourful wreath and a wonderful way of using old Christmas cards.

Christmas card wreath from

A really cute ornament for any Christmas tree.

Button wreath ornament from

I know that Ted would just love to make a colourful and sparkly wreath like these.

Paper plate Christmas wreaths from

Kids’ hand-prints or hand cut-outs make a great and really personal Christmas wreath – captures a moment in time to treasure too.

Handprint wreath from

Coloured pasta shapes make a fun and textured wreath.

Paper plate pasta wreath by

The torn paper makes great holly shapes for this wreath.

Ripped paper wreath by

Use fingerprints round a wreath design to look just like berries on a wreath.

Fingerprint Christmas wreath from

Super fluffy pom pom wreath

Pompom wreath from

Cuts and folds make an effective 3D paper wreath.

Construction paper wreath from

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