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Autumn craft ideas

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Autumn leaf bugs from

Autumn is here, and with it the wonderful golden colours as the trees change colour and start to drop their leaves. Walks are exciting, the ground carpeted with golden leaves, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the chance to find and bring home treasure –  leaves, conkers, acorn shells…. We always go out with a bag and seem to come home laden with our collection. Ted and I have been thinking about things to make, and have found lots of really inspiring Autumn craft ideas for children to do – these are eleven of our favourites, we hope you love them as much as we do. We really can’t wait to get making some of these ourselves.  

I love this tree, it captures the fab colours I associated with Autumn – it is a great introduction to Pointilism for young children too.

Fall trees from

Here is another great Autumn tree, I love the idea of using recycled jigsaw pieces – we have always got at least one jigsaw puzzle in our home with pieces missing and this is a great idea for putting them to good use.

Great idea to colour the leaves and make them into insects.

Autumn leaf insects from

These look so beautiful, but are such a simple but really effective way of making paper pumpkins, I would love them in my home.

What an adorable owl, so cute.

Pinecone owl from

They seem to have a personality all of their own, with the addition of their googly eyes.

Autumn craft leaf people from

These little hedgehogs are so cute and so realistic – they look like they could walk towards me at any minute.

Pinecone hedgehogs from

So realistic considering this little mouse is only made with leaves and natural bits from plants.

Little leaf mouse from

This sun catcher really captures the wonderful golden colours that I always associate with Autumn.

Great idea to add buttons – makes a fab pumpkin.

Super cut balancing birds made of leaves – another great idea for kids to do.

Autumn leaf animals from

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