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Paint it like Pollock

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Ted's painting like Jackson Pollock

Ted’s painting like Jackson Pollock

These paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock were made by Ted a few weeks ago just after he announced those three little words that most parents don’t want to hear, and no, it wasn’t “I hate you”, it was “I can’t paint.” I was about to say, “Really, seriously, who gave you that idea? Of course you can.” – but the look on his face said don’t challenge me, I know I can’t. Obviously for a fleeting moment I worried that perhaps we were making too much at home, was it possible to be too creative? To allow your child to get too messy, to make too many things? I quickly banished those thoughts from my head and instead showed Ted some pictures of paintings by Jackson Pollock and asked him who he thought might have made them – his face was a picture when I explained they were made by a man, a very famous American artist and that people love his work all over the world.

I showed Ted photos of Pollock painting to music, standing over his canvases flicking and throwing paint. It worked a treat, Ted asked, “Please can I have a go, can I do a painting like him?” We got out some lining paper and sheets of card and paper and – yes – definitely took them outside and stuck them onto an old plastic tablecloth (I learnt this summer that washable paint takes weeks to wash off patio slabs).

I armed Ted with lots of paint, different brushes and the encouragement to flick and throw the paint and these are the results. And guess what, do you think Ted still thinks he can’t paint? You bet he doesn’t he has got his confidence right back and asks to paint at home, and from the splashes of paint on his school uniform I know he is painting there too. He has got his love of painting back. And are the paintings only Jackson Pollock inspired – not at home, but we have parents evening at school in a few weeks so I am sure they will tell me what Ted likes to paint at school. Ted and I realised that trying to paint like Jackson Pollock is physically hard work and needs lots and lots of paint but is also lots and lots of fun.


  • Card or paper
  • Lining paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint – lots of it

How we made it

  1. I stuck paper onto an old plastic table cloth outside
  2. Put lots of paint into containers
  3. Ted then flicked paint across the paper
Ted painting

Ted painting 

Ted flicking paint

Ted flicking paint 

Ted flicking paint

Ted flicking paint 

Ted's painting inspired by  Jackson Pollock

Ted’s painting inspired by Jackson Pollock



One thought on “Paint it like Pollock

  1. A great idea.

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