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Summer hand print art

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Berry sweet hand print from

We love making hand-print pictures.  You can make the prints into so many fun and interesting things, from the wings of birds or butterflies, to tails of fish or legs of animals, there really is no end to what children can make simply with paint, paper and their hands and perhaps some googly eyes or a felt tip pen to add on some features and details. I found some wonderful hand and foot print pictures on-line and here are some of our favourites that made us think of summer.

We hope that you find them as inspiring as we did, we can’t wait to get out the paint and start making some of our own.



Ted loved this cute lobster and is keen to make one of his own.

Lobster hand print from

The children’s hands make great rays for the sun in this smiley sun.

I love how the paint used for the octopus hand prints makes them look like they are in water.

Octopus hand print from

The smile on this crab makes him look really cute and friendly.

Handprint Crab Craft from

Great to see the caterpillar and butterflies in the same picture and I like how hand-prints have also been used to make the sun and grass.

The very Hungry Caterpillar from

The bold stripes on the fish make them really colourful. It would be lovely to do lots of fish for a family with different sized handprints for the fish.

The hands and feet work so well together here to make these flowers

Summer daisy handprints from

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