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Large outdoor painting

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Ted painting along the shed

Ted painting along the shed

Here, Ted is doing one of his large outdoor paintings. It has a really hot day and we fancied being outside so found a nice shady area to get out the paints and have some messy fun.  I taped some large sheets of lining paper across the shed, and armed Ted with a selection of different paint brushes and pots of paint and he immediately started to create his own painting. He talked me through most of it – we had just returned from his godmother’s wedding in Devon, and he was fascinated by a rusty bridge he had seen in Plymouth being transformed into a cycle bridge. This is part of his picture here.

One of the many things that I have learnt from Ted is that no matter how much I might be interested in art and making things, you can’t assume your child will have the same interests as you. You might offer them different opportunities, but whether these interest them or not, is more down to your child than to you. But I do think it is possible to provide different and interesting ways of engaging little ones with making and creating things
that they can really relate to and enjoy – for Ted, drawing and painting on a very large scale is something that really ignites his imagination.


  • Large sheet of paper – we used a section of lining paper
  • Selection of brushers
  • Paints
  • Paint pots
  • Masking tape

How we made this

  1. I cut and taped a large sheet of lining paper onto the side of the shed
  2. Provided Ted with different brushes and pots of paints so he could make his own artwork  – because this was outside, I think this gave him more freedom than in would have done inside because he could paint without worrying about splashing the walls, windows or floors.
    Painting outside

    Painting outside

    Painting rusty bridge

    Painting rusty bridge



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