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Toggle ring

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Ted's toggle ring

Ted’s toggle ring

It was a really proud moment last week when Ted bounced into our kitchen and showed me this ring he had made all by himself. He was brimming with pride that he had come up with the idea on his own, found what he needed to make it and then made it on his own. We have got a craft box of bits and bobs, and he had discovered some wooden toggles and pipe cleaners. He threaded the coloured pipe cleaner through the toggle and twisted it round his finger to make the ring. He was thrilled that he could change the size of the ring for different fingers, or even make it big enough to fit my fingers. We don’t have any photos of the stages it took to make it, since Ted made this himself, but he really wants to make more – so if and when he does we will post some more pics.



Toggle ring

Toggle ring

Toggle ring

Toggle ring

One thought on “Toggle ring

  1. Brilliant! I like a big, striking ring! 😉

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