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Teacher’s gift ideas

Crayon wreath

It is almost the end of term, and Ted and I have been talking about what presents he would like to give to his wonderful pre school teachers. I was looking on the web for some inspiration and came across some fantastic handmade gifts for teachers, here is a round up of some of our favourites – we love them because they are all so thoughtful. Continue reading

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Mini Well dressing

Our mini well dressing

Our mini well dressing

We decided to make our own mini well dressing, to coincide with the well dressings being up and around in the villages in the Peak District where I grew up. I was explaining to Ted that well dressings are a summer tradition when local people get together to create beautiful pictures with flower petals pressed into clay to celebrate the supply of water through wells to the villages. Continue reading


Butterfly garden cane topper – bird scarer

Butterfly garden cane topper - bird scarer

Butterfly garden cane topper – bird scarer

We have been so excited to grow our own strawberries this year, but it has been a bit of a race to get there before the slugs do. When the birds also started eating them and getting to the strawberries before we did, Ted and I thought enough was enough and decided to take action. Continue reading