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Simple dream catcher

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Paper plate dream catcher

Paper plate dream catcher

We had been talking about dreams and looked on-line at dream catchers and Ted loved the idea of having something of his own that would filter out bad dreams and make them disappear so we decided to make our own and here they are.

Ted’s dream catcher is the red and silver one and mine is the blue and green one. They are now in Ted’s bedroom window, and he loves seeing them just before he goes to sleep and first thing when he wakes up. I thought that a paper plate would work well and Ted was able to cut out a circle in the middle and thread the coloured wool through the holes. This was great for developing fine motor skills, because Ted had to really carefully hold the wool to thread through each hole, which was quite fiddly for a little one. It is also great for concentration, because it takes some attention and focus to weave across the plate and keep weaving round. We talked about the colours that he would like, and which ones he thought would look good together and he chose red and silver, which I love and different coloured feathers to tie onto the ends. We also talked about patterns, and spacing the colours out.


  •  Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Wool
  • Feathers

How we made it

  1. I cut a cross shape in the centre of the plate – this made it easier for Ted to start cutting out the middle of the plate
  2. Once middle of plate is cut out, use a hole punch to punch holes around the inside of the paper plate
  3. Punch holes at the bottom outside edge of the plate
  4. Choose different coloured wool or threads and cut a long strip and wind into a small ball.
  5. Start off by tying one colour into one of the holes in the middle of the plate
  6. Thread from one hole, to the one directly opposite, working around one hole at a time – this way you can start to build up a pattern.
  7. Using your second colour, continue threading round, through opposite holes.  You could use more than two colours.
  8. Cut shorter lengths of wool and tie onto bottom holes.
  9. Tie feathers to the end of the lengths of wool.
Cutting out middle of plate

Ted cutting out middle of plate

Punching holes round centre of plate

Ted punching holes round centre of my dream catcher

Cut coloured wool

Cutting coloured wool


Tread wool through holes in centre

Threading wool through holes in centre

Thread holes through centre of plate

Threading wool through holes in centre of plate

Thread wool through holes at bottom of plate

Thread wool through holes at bottom of plate

P & S 10 Jne 14 122 web

Close up of Ted’s dream catcher

My dream catcher

My dream catcher








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