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Colour treasure hunt paper bag book

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Colour treasure hunt book

Colour treasure hunt book

We have become real fans of paper bag books, Ted loves playing with the Counting Paper Bag book we made recently so we thought we would make another paper bag book – here it is – hope you like it. In our house, we love treasure hunts and hide and seek games. We thought the paper bag book format would be great for a colour treasure hunt book. Each page has a different colour, and Ted has been round the garden collecting things and putting them into the matching colour pages / bags. He has had hours of fun and was fascinated to find so many different colours in the garden. Together we looked at the colours and talked about how the colours have different shades, how some are really light and pale, others dark or bright. Much of what Ted collected was flowers and petals so afterwards we have pressed them – we will soon be making something from those. This morning Ted announced he is going to do a colour treasure hunt with his friends around our house, which is great.


  • Paper bags
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Coloured paper
  • String or ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

How to make one

  1. We cut out squares of different colours
  2. Place paper bag with opening facing upwards and with opening top side up
  3. Punch holes in left hand side of each bag
  4. We turned the top of each page over by 2cm so that our treasure would stay in the bags
  5. Write name of one colour on left hand page
  6. Stick square of corresponding colour on facing page
  7. Bind pages together with string, twine or ribbon
Sticking on colours

Sticking on colours


Collecting colour treasures

Collecting colour treasures








Blue Treasure

Blue Treasure


Green treasures

Green treasures

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