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Paper bag counting book

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Counting book

Counting book

One of the recent crafts that Ted and I have been making together are paper bag books. We love them because you can make them in so many different ways, customising and adapting them to suit your own ideas. Here is one of the first that we have made together, it is a paper bag counting book. We have had great fun with it, using it to match the cards with stickers into the correctly numbered bag pages. Ted enjoyed choosing which stickers should go for each number and sticking them onto each of the cards for each number. He chose to have stickers of the same theme for a number, which has really helped him match cards to numbers when playing with the book. We have enjoyed making this so much I think you will see more posts of books we make over the next few weeks.

Number 1 with stickers

Number 1 with stickers



pebble and scribble 14 may 012web










pebble and scribble 14 may 014web












  • Eleven white paper bags
  • Hole punch
  • Ten cards
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon








How we made it

  1. Hold the paper bags with the openings to your right
  2. We punched two holes in the left hand side centre of each bag.
  3. Secured with ribbon, wool or string
  4. Inside the book, we wrote one to ten in words on the left hand pages and 1 – 10 in numbers on the right hand pages
  5. Ted stuck stickers for each of the numbers onto cards corresponding to each of the numbers
  6. inserted cards 1 – 10 into each of the open pages
Sticking on stickers to cards

Sticking on stickers to cards







There are lots of great examples on-line of paper bag books that people have made – below are some of our favourites that we found – hope you like them too.


Pirates Paper Bag Books

Nature paper bag book from






Superhero Skip counting paper bag book from














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