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There was great excitement in our house yesterday morning when Al’s BBQ arrived for his birthday – we were of course excited by the arrival of the BBQ itself but perhaps even more excited about the prospect of making the box it came in into a castle for Ted. Once we had cello-taped the top up to make it higher and cut crenelations into the roof, we used some great packaging that came inside it to make an entrance with drawbridge. Ted has had a great afternoon playing in the castle, and has now decorated the inside with drawings on the wall.

The bats we made earlier on in the weekend have now taken up residence around the top of Ted’s castle.

Bats around castle roof

Bats around castle roof

One thought on “Castle

  1. Loving this castle.. hmmm.. maybe we need a new BBQ so we have a big enough box.. hee hee 😉 if A&O&D see this they will want to be round to play straight away!

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