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Tractor mosaic

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We were inspired by a visit to our local museum where we saw fantastic Roman mosaics. When we got home we wanted to make some of our own, so when I asked T what picture he would like to do, he said a tractor, which is most three and a half year old boy’s dream

Tractor Mosaic

Tractor mosaic








Here are the materials we used

Materials that we used








What we used

  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Drawing of a tractor
  • Black pen
  • White paper

How we made it

  1. I made a simple outline of a tractor with a black pen
  2. Cut coloured paper into long strips
  3. T then cut the strips into squares
  4. Glued sections of the tractor
  5. T stuck colours onto the different parts of the tractor
Preparing the mosaics

Cutting the mosaics








Making the mosaic

Glueing mosaics

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